One of the common problems that occur with gas stoves is a problem with the gas burner, and New Hope Gas Company can help with all problems related to your gas appliances and any issues with burners that won’t light.

Gas Burners Service and Repair

You cook on your gas stove every day, and a faulty burner is a hassle. Don’t worry! There are a few common problems that impact gas stoves that we can fix without having to replace your entire unit. Here are a few issues you might experience if you have an issue with a gas burner:

A Low Burner Flame

It’s annoying when one of the flames on your gas stove seems too small, and one of the main issues with this problem is a clogged burn flame opening. Alternatively, you could also be looking at high or low gas flowing to the burner.

Important! If it seems like your burner isn’t getting enough gas, call a professional!

Can't Light the Surface Burner

An extinguished pilot light could be to blame for a burner that won’t light, and you may just need to relight it. Another common problem with this issue is a tripped circuit breaker.

Strong Gas Odor

Sometimes, you’ll smell gas when you light a burner initially and don’t turn the flame down quickly enough. That’s normal, and it shouldn’t happen too often. However, if you’re smelling gas even though the burners aren’t lit, you could have a burner that’s not actually shut off.

If checking the burners leads you to believe they’re all off, it’s important to open the windows of your home and call for assistance.

Gas Burner Installation

If you’re looking to save money on the repair of your gas appliance, you might be able to replace an essential part of the machinery, such as a gas burner. If your gas stove isn’t that old, but you’re facing a broken burner, brief maintenance and a replacement burner could be all you need.

Do you have a malfunctioning gas burner? Need a gas burner replaced or installed? Contact New Hope Gas Company, and we’ll help you fix the burner or suggest a replacement option.

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