Convenient for a variety of trips and events, gas cookers are easy to use and are also sturdy little appliances that last for years, particularly when you maintain them with help from New Hope Gas Company.

If you’ve just taken your gas cooker out for the season and can’t seem to get it to work, you might need to replace it or have one of the parts replaced.

Gas Cookers Service and Repair

While you might be tempted just to buy a new gas cooker when yours starts having problems, don’t start looking just yet for a new appliance. Here are a few common issues that impact most gas cookers at some point or another

The gas cooker rings aren’t igniting.

The sensitive burners on a gas cooker can become dirty, particularly if you use your cooker in an outdoor environment. Regular cleaning around the burner rings will keep things in good shape.

The hotplates are warm hours after use.

This is completely normal if your cooker has solid hotplates, so you’ll just want to be aware of lingering heat after using your cooker.

The flames seem smaller or larger than usual.

A dirty cooker could cause some inconsistencies with the flames on your gas cooker. Don’t use chemicals to clean the cooker, and let us take a look if you’re unsure how to clean blockages.

If none of these problems fit your gas cooker or you’re still having problems operating it, let us know, and we’ll take a look.

Gas Cookers Installation

If your old gas cooker has reached the end of its life, or you’re looking to purchase a new gas cooker for the first time, you’ll want to perform some research on sizes and options. Gas cookers aren’t a terribly complex machine, but you’ll want to think about getting the right size for your needs.

Remember: Get your new gas cooker serviced regularly to make sure it lasts a long time without unexpected problems.

Are you looking for a new gas cooker? Need help with your existing appliance? Call New Hope Gas Company, and we’ll get to work diagnosing your gas cooker problem or help you find a brand new gas cooker.

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