Like any gas appliance, a gas fireplace may experience occasional problems like failure to ignite or pilot light failure, and New Hope Gas Company is here to help with service or installation of your gas fireplace.

Gas Fireplace Service and Repair

A gas fireplace is a terrific addition to your home because it’s an efficient device that should also last a long time with only minimal time spent on repair and maintenance.

Some problems may need nothing more complicated than a reset of the breaker box while other problems might require replacement of features like the thermocouple.

What happens if my gas fireplace doesn’t ignite?

If the breakers look good, you could have a problem with gas flow.

What if my gas fireplace smells weird?

Gas fireplaces need cleaning, just like wood-burning fireplaces. You may need to get the flue cleaned.

Important! If you smell burning wires or a strange odor like excess gas even after you clean the fireplace, consult a professional immediately!

What if I can’t light the pilot light?

A swift wind can actually extinguish the pilot light, but lighting it again isn’t difficult. If you can’t light the pilot light after it goes out, you could have a problem with the thermopile or damaged wiring.

What happens when my gas fireplace makes weird noises?

A dirty burner can make a strange roaring noise, and a broken blower can also make annoying grinding noises. Fortunately, making your gas fireplace quiet again isn’t too difficult.

Gas Fireplace Installation

As your gas fireplace installer, New Hope Gas Company will ensure expert installation that will allow your family to enjoy years of warmth in your home. There are a few different types of gas fireplaces, and we’ll take a look at your home and offer advice on what type would work best for you.

Did You Know? Most manufacturers recommend a yearly service for gas fireplaces. At the very least, get your fireplace serviced every two or three years if you don’t use it too often.

Looking to install a gas fireplace? Need repairs? Contact New Hope Gas Company to set up an appointment for service or installation.

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