If you’re standing in front of a gas range oven that won’t work, or you’re trying to figure out whether it’s time to replace your gas appliance, New Hope Gas Company can help with installation, service, and maintenance.

Gas Range Ovens Service and Repair

Gas appliances are sturdy, long-lasting, and durable, but even high-quality gas range ovens can run into problems sometimes. Here are some basics about gas range ovens, and what might be wrong if you’re having operational difficulties.

Your gas supply might be low or off.

If you’re looking at a low flame on the burners of your gas range oven, you could be looking at a problem with the gas flow into your home.

You could have holes in the burner tube.

Over time, your range oven’s features will age, and a hole in the burner tube could prevent the proper spread of heat in the oven.

The thermocouple or electronic ignition system could be faulty.

If you can confirm the gas supply to your oven is functioning, a problem with the thermocouple could prevent the pilot light from activating properly.

Pilot Ignition System Versus Electronic Ignition System

If you’ve never looked inside your gas range oven before, you might not know whether you have a pilot ignition system or an electronic ignition system. One essential difference between these lighting methods is that a pilot ignition system should light the burner tube quickly. An electronic ignition system will take about 30 seconds to light the flame.

Gas Range Oven Installation

Have you dreamed about installing a brand new gas range oven in your kitchen? Is it time to upgrade your old equipment and get the kitchen of your dreams?

We’ll help you choose the best range for your home based upon your family’s needs and your budget. There’s more than one type of gas range, and you’ll want to explore different stovetop and oven combinations to find the perfect fit.

Gas ovens are a terrific addition to your kitchen, but if yours has started acting funny, New Hope Gas Company is here to service this essential kitchen appliance. Give us a call, and we’ll get your gas range back to working order as soon as possible.

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