A new gas refrigerator is a convenient and sleek addition to your home, which is something you probably already know if you own one of these efficient appliances. New Hope Gas Company offers servicing of your existing refrigerator, as well as assistance with the installation of new appliances.

Gas Refrigerator Service and Repair

It is frustrating to find that your refrigerator isn’t working anymore, and there are several issues that can impact refrigerator functionality over time. Here are a few common problems and their causes.

The refrigerator isn't cooling.

A gas refrigerator needs to be level, and if it’s not you could be looking at some problems with cooling.

There’s a yellow stain on the back of the unit.

Sometimes, a yellow stain on the back of the refrigerator means you need to get it replaced. The refrigerator has a leak.

Your RV refrigerator no longer cools.

One of the most common issues RV owners face regarding the upkeep and care of their vehicles is the dreaded loss of cooling of an RV refrigerator.

If you haven’t used your RV refrigerator in a while, you could be looking at sediment in the liquid that’s reducing the machine’s ability to cool properly.

An ammonia smell is emanating from the refrigerator.

An ammonia smell might mean the cooling unit needs to be replaced. Call us to see if we can fix your refrigerator and reduce the likelihood of replacement.

Gas Refrigerator Installation

There’s more to your new refrigerator than style and color. As you choose a new gas refrigerator, you’ll also want to think about capacity, overall size, and operational costs.

If you need assistance choosing and installing your brand new refrigerator, we’re here to help with all the advice and knowledge you need to make a terrific choice on your gas appliance.

Did you know? Electric refrigerators are one of the most power-hungry appliances in the average home. A gas refrigerator can save you money.

Are you shopping for a new gas refrigerator? Is your old unit having problems cooling? Get in touch with New Hope Gas Company, and you’ll benefit from our gas appliance expertise and courteous technicians.

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