As an increasingly popular option for the home, propane appliances offer a variety of conveniences you might not see with electric devices, and New Hope Gas Company is here to help with servicing, repair, and installation of any propane device.

Propane devices often have an operating cost that’s less than half of what electricity costs, and you get to enjoy the reliability of appliances that aren’t dependent upon your city’s power grid.

Propane Appliance Installation

Did you know that more than 90% of the propane used in American homes and RVs is made in the United States? If you’re still trying to decide whether to install propane appliances in your home, propane’s many benefits may convince you to give up your reliance on the electrical grid and make the switch.

Let us work with you to find the best propane appliance for your home, and we’ll help make sure your family gets the most benefit from your new refrigerator, oven, or freezer.

Propane Appliance Parts & Service

Eventually, even the hardiest of appliances will need servicing and repair, and it’s a good idea to keep up with regular maintenance on appliances like propane heaters, refrigerators, and stoves. Technicians at New Hope Gas Company have experience with propane appliance repair of all common appliances.

Like most machines in the home, propane appliances benefit from regular maintenance. You’ll spend less money keeping an appliance well-maintained instead of purchasing a new appliance every few years.

Propane Appliances for the Home

If you’re unfamiliar with the convenience of propane, you might be asking yourself:

What home appliances can use propane?

The answer is that most appliances you use in the kitchen can use propane gas. Some of the most popular propane kitchen appliances in today’s homes include refrigerators and cooking ranges.

One of the best reasons to use propane is because you can avoid the occasional blackout or power loss that may impact your neighbors. While everyone on your street sees their refrigerated food wilting without power, your propane refrigerator won’t be affected, and you won’t see all that food go to waste.

Similarly, appliances like propane gas ranges and outdoor grills aren’t dependent upon the city’s electrical grid, which means you are prepared for just about any emergency that might impact the city’s power supply. Propane is also a terrific option if you live in an unincorporated area and don’t have reasonable access to the power grid.

Propane Appliances Vs. Electric Appliances

The concept of “off-the-grid” living has become quite mainstream after many years of being a fringe idea that might only interest surly mountain men and survivalists. However, if you’ve been thinking about a lifestyle that isn’t dependent upon a relationship with the local electric company, a look into propane appliances and a propane tank could be a worthwhile investment of time.

One of the important things to remember about propane appliances is that they’re not like natural gas appliances that are dependent upon a traditional supply of gas that’s fed into the home through pipes from the city. Propane is a stand-alone feature for the home that’s stored in a tank.

You might see a small 20 pound tank that’s used for a barbeque or a much larger tank of somewhere around 500 gallons with enough fuel to accommodate an average four-bedroom sized home.

Did You Know? Compared to other fuels, propane has very low emissions.

Propane Appliances for Camping and your RV

Those small tanks you see attached to the back of recreational vehicles are propane tanks, and they provide fuel to RV-sized appliances. As the owner of a recreational vehicle, you’re responsible for a variety of maintenance tasks that mimic those required in the home.

Sometimes, you may find that your RV refrigerator or stove is malfunctioning. Even if you understand how to keep your RV running, you might not have the additional experience to fix common appliance problems inside your vehicle.

That’s where New Hope Gas Company can help. Not only are our technicians well-versed in providing service for traditional appliances in the home, but we’re also able to provide service to your RV’s propane appliances.

Featured Propane Appliances for Service and Installation

Do you already have propane appliances installed in your home? We’re adept at fixing and servicing virtually all common propane appliances. Give us a call if you need assistance with one of the following appliances or machines:

Propane is a convenient and cost-effective option for powering various appliances in your home or RV, and New Hope Gas Company is here to help with installation, service, and repair.

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