A propane generator is a popular choice these days for homeowners who want to be prepared for an emergency, and they’re also popular with travelers and RV owners. If you’re experiencing problems with your propane generator, New Hope Gas Company is your source for servicing and maintenance.

Propane Generators Service and Repair

Propane generators are efficient and long-lasting, but a lack of maintenance or improper use can cause some problems. Take a look at these common propane generator issues and possible problems.

The generator won’t function.

Is the temperature too high? Your propane generator will shut off for safety reasons if it gets too hot.

Another reason the generator might not work is a dirty air intake vent or air filter. Did you leave the generator out in the off-season? Leaves or dirt could be clogging the generator.

The generator works, but it won’t stay on.

Make sure you’re not asking too much of your propane generator. Read your owner’s manual to see how many watts it can handle, and make sure the device you’re trying to power doesn’t exceed that recommended number.

Tip: If you’re blowing fuses, you’re probably working your generator too hard.

Propane Generator Installation

Are you trying to decide between a gas generator and a propane generator? Generators are an important part of a disaster preparedness plan, but they’re also convenient during brief power outages or while you’re traveling.

Why choose propane?

Propane is a clean-burning fuel, and it comes in convenient cylinders that don’t spill easily like the gas from a gas can. If you actually do spill it, propane evaporates almost immediately.

Propane is also a fuel you can store for many years, which means you’ll always be prepared for an emergency or whenever you need to use your generator.

Need help repairing your propane generator? Looking to upgrade your gas generator to a new propane generator? Get in touch with New Hope Gas Company, and we’ll share all the information you need to make your purchase, as well as solve any problems with your current propane appliance.

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