Getting a new propane range oven is a great upgrade for your home because of the long-lasting nature of propane appliances and the lower operational costs. If you’re looking for a new propane range oven or you’re in need of servicing for your existing appliance, New Hope Gas Company can assist. Want to know more about propane range ovens? Read on!

Propane Range Oven Service and Repair

The day has finally arrived when your propane range oven is acting strangely. There’s something wrong with it, and you can’t easily diagnose the problem. You’ve already checked the gas supply, and nothing seems outwardly wrong with your appliance. What do you do now?

Here are a few other problems common to propane range ovens.

Your range is too old.

If you conduct regular maintenance on your propane range, it should last a long time, but problems with the thermostat, thermocouple, and various blockages from debris can contribute to the overall failure of the oven. We’ll let you know if it makes more sense to upgrade than to repair.

The thermostat is bad.

If the main burner flame is disappearing before the proper temperature is reached, you could have a bad thermostat.

Something’s blocking the pilot light.

Propane is an extremely clean-burning fuel, but even propane range ovens need occasional cleaning.

The safety valve has a problem.

If you’re working with a propane range oven that doesn’t have a thermocouple, you might need to have the safety valve checked.

Propane Range Oven Installation

If you’re looking at alternatives to an electric stove, you’re probably looking at natural gas and propane. One of the primary reasons homeowners switch to a propane range is because natural gas isn’t available because of a lack of gas lines in the neighborhood.

Consider: If you decide upon many propane appliances in your home that require the installation of a large tank, you can bury the tank to hide it from view.

Are you looking to purchase a new propane stove? Are you in need of propane range oven repair? Give New Hope Gas Company a call today, and we’ll send a technician right out to diagnose the problem and advise on next steps.

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