Recreational vehicles commonly feature propane refrigerators, but these efficient appliances have also been showing up in various residential homes due to their lower cost of operation. If you’re looking to purchase a new refrigerator or you need repair on your present appliance, New Hope Gas Company can help. Read on to learn more about propane refrigerators.

Propane Refrigerator Service and Repair

Propane refrigerators and similar appliances are usually quite hardy appliances that last for many years, but sometimes problems do occur, and the problem isn’t always immediately obvious. Here are a few common issues that may happen with your propane refrigerator.

There’s no gas.

It’s surprising, but a lack of propane gas is actually a fairly common occurrence as far as refrigerators that aren’t working. If you’ve already confirmed the refrigerator is powered correctly, it might be time to get out your leveler.

The fridge isn’t level.

A refrigerator that’s powered with propane must be level. If you’re using a refrigerator in an RV and it’s jostling around while the vehicle is in motion, that shouldn’t be a problem. It’s only when a refrigerator is stationary for a long time that the cooling unit could become damaged.

There’s a problem with the cooling unit.

Issues such as incorrect heat, improper leveling, and poor ventilation can contribute to problems with the cooling unit in your refrigerator. You may try looking around the unit to make sure there aren’t any problems with air flow and take a look at the temperature reading after doing so.

If your refrigerator hasn’t been working and you’ve just turned it back on, let it run for about a day before you check the temperature to see if the temperature is right.

Propane Refrigerator Installation

If you’re looking to replace your current propane refrigerator or upgrade your current machine, you’ll want to compare a variety of factors like price, interior size, and exterior dimensions. Usually, a refrigerator for an RV must be quite specific as far as size is concerned, but you’ll probably have more freedom if you’re looking to use a propane fridge in your home’s kitchen.

If you have questions about which propane refrigerator would work best for you or are having problems with your current fridge, give New Hope Gas Company a call. Our technicians have extensive experience with all propane appliances and will ensure a safe installation of your new refrigerator.

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