Reliable heating and gas for your appliances and home are a must for the comfort and safety of your family, and New Hope Gas Company offers comprehensive installation, repair, and service for virtually all natural gas appliances. New Hope has cultivated a reputation for stellar service through courteous and knowledgeable repair professionals who work swiftly and efficiently.

Gas Appliance Installation

In the past decade, home improvement shows have inspired many homeowners to take on various projects around the house to improve the lives of their families. However, some tasks are the sort best left to professionals. Gas appliance installation requires special expertise, and you’ll want to make sure devices like freezers, heaters, and refrigerators are installed with help from New Hope Gas Company.

For example, when installing gas appliances, it’s important to understand the standards of the National Fuel Gas Code, as well as the National Electric Code. A professional installer will know local codes, as well as these national standards, which means a safe installation and a cooktop, burner, or stove that offers decades of service for the home.

Gas Appliance Repair & Service

One of the reasons many homeowners switch to gas kitchen appliances and other gas devices in the home is because they tend to require very little maintenance. Hardy and efficient, gas appliance also often cost less to operate than their electric counterparts. However, sometimes repair is necessary even if you own a professional-grade refrigerator or a luxury gas range oven.

In addition to appliance installation, New Hope Gas Company will also send a technician out to diagnose problems with your appliances, and we’ll recommend the best course of action. Perhaps some new gas appliance parts can fix the problem. Maybe it’s time for a completely new appliance.

Some of the questions we can answer for you include:

  • Is it time to get a new water heater?
  • Is it possible to install a gas fireplace in the home?
  • Does your gas oven have a bad spark module?
  • Is the refrigerator’s cooling unit defective?

Troubleshooting common problems may be as simple as ensuring the appliance was installed correctly in the first place, or it may require a replacement part. In some cases, a particularly old appliance may have reached a point where further repairs will cost more than replacement with a new appliance.

Gas Kitchen Appliances

Choosing the right gas kitchen appliance for your home is a great way to upgrade your kitchen, as well as provide greater enjoyment of your family’s space. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace an appliance in your kitchen, you’ll want our help in choosing the best appliances for your home.

Remember: Choosing the best gas kitchen appliances means more than buying a matching set. Research on your new appliances is essential so that you get the best features your family needs.

For example, are you working with limited space in your home? You might want to find a range that offers all the features of a standard-sized gas range in a compact size.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re looking for a new refrigerator for your RV, and you want one that will last a long time before it needs replacement. Let us help you make sure you’re upgrading to the right appliance.

Did You Know? We’ll help you save money on your appliance by finding great rates on financing and rebates.

Gas Appliances Vs. Electric

One of the first pieces of research you may undertake as you investigate whether to choose gas or electric is the cost of each type of appliance. Generally speaking, gas appliances vs. electric are almost always less expensive to operate.

How do you determine whether gas is cheaper?

Take a look at local rates for gas and electric and compare the costs to the expected energy used by a particular appliance.

You’ll then want to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type of appliance. For example, a nice gas stove will probably cost more than an electric stove, but that initial investment could pay off in a big way because of the convenience of a stove top that is hot immediately.

Featured Natural Gas Appliances

No matter what type of natural gas appliance you own or would like to own, we have technicians with the experience to install your new appliance or repair your existing natural gas appliance. Call us if you have questions about any of the following:

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