If you need installation or maintenance of your propane or natural gas appliances, New Hope Gas Company is your Pikeville source for all-inclusive gas services. You know that natural gas is an efficient option for your appliances and that propane can save you even more money.

Let us be your guide as you install your new gas or propane equipment at your home, business, or farm.

Pikeville Gas Appliances and Gas Installation

If you’re a chef, you probably love using a gas stove, but there are many other options in your home or at your business for gas appliances. We offer service and installation of every gas appliance on the market, and we’ll even work with you to make sure you get the best equipment for your needs.

Here’s a selection of the appliances we handle each day for our customers with efficient gas appliance installation:

  • Gas Stoves
  • Gas Refrigerators
  • Gas Freezers
  • Gas Heaters
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Gas Cookers
  • Gas Cooktops
  • Gas Range Ovens
  • Gas Burners

What makes natural gas terrific?

Cutting down on expenses is important whether you’re a frugal homeowner or a business with a small budget. If you’ve been looking for efficient appliances, now is the time to think about natural gas equipment like fireplaces, heaters, and stoves. Natural gas is a safe and efficient option for your home or business.

Propane Appliances and Propane Installation in Pikeville NC

Propane was once something used primarily in agricultural applications, recreational vehicles, and “off-the-grid” homeowners who needed a source of alternative energy. Today, propane is a cost-effective and clean burning option for your home or business even if you live within the city limits.

At New Hope Gas Company, we have extensive experience installing propane tanks, as well as propane appliance installation of virtually all common types of equipment. If you have questions about installing propane appliances at your home, you’ll want to speak with us about installation and appliance choice. Professional installation of propane tanks and appliances is essential to ensure your safety and to make sure you have many years of worry-free use from your system.

Let us guide you in your journey from electricity to propane appliances.

Propane and Gas: Service and Repair

It’s common for users of propane appliances to require only minimal maintenance over the years, but the day will come when you need someone to take a look at your propane equipment. After installing your equipment, we can also take a look at any problems that might develop over the years.

Perhaps you’re just looking at a problem with gas flow or some dirty lines. Or, maybe you need a part replaced. We’ll help with any maintenance and gas appliance repair required, as well as regular filling of propane tanks.

You Can Count on Our HVAC Service

Regardless of the cooling or heating issue with which you are faced, you can count on New Hope Heating & Air Conditioning. New Hope only uses and recommends quality, effective products like those approved by Nature’s Home. We also hire only the most professional, dependable technicians in the HVAC field. Our technicians possess the experience and skills to install air purification systems, service air conditioning units, repair furnaces and more. Allow us to show you the difference comfortable indoor air can make in your life. Contact New Hope Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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