If you’re in need of extra storage in your home, you might benefit from a freezer. If you’re thinking about choosing propane, you’ll want to get in touch with New Hope Gas Company for advice on what freezer is best for you. We can also replace parts and service your current propane freezer.

Propane Freezer Service and Repair

If you’re a long-time user of propane appliances, you know that they last a long time, as well as offer an efficient way to use major household items like refrigerators, heaters, and freezers.

However, there are several issues that can occur over time and cause your propane freezer to suddenly stop working or start malfunctioning. There are a few things you can examine to determine whether your freezer needs a simple fix or a more involved part replacement.

Easy Fixes for Your Propane Freezer

The simplest solution? Your freezer isn’t getting a proper gas supply. If you’re not used to using propane, this is a problem you might run into soon after installing your appliances.

Other problems that are fixed without too much trouble include faulty gaskets on the door and hinges that aren’t functioning correctly.

Depending on the age of your propane freezer, you may need to defrost the unit on occasion. Don’t use an ice pick to break the ice off the walls of the freezer; you may damage the unit.

Problems That Require Parts Replacement

Issues that usually require professional assistance include incorrect gas pressure, as well as overheating. You could need a new thermostat, or the gas pressure regulator could be frozen.

Propane Freezer Installation

If you’re considering a propane freezer for your home, you’re about to invest in a hardy and long-lasting appliance. We can help you choose the best freezer for your home or cabin, as well as for your business.

For example, did you know that sometimes a larger freezer with two burners is more efficient than a small freezer with a single burner?

If you’re looking for advice on a new propane freezer or you’re in need of repair on your existing appliance, New Hope Gas Company is your source for all things propane. Let us help you upgrade to the cost-effective convenience of long-lasting propane appliances.

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