New Hope Gas Company is your partner for propane and natural gas services in La Grange. We can help with every phase of your gas system whether you’re looking at brand new installation of tanks, appliances, and lines or whether you’re in need of upgrades, replacements, and routine gas service. Let us show you how we can help you save money and reduce your home, business, or farm’s energy use with natural gas and propane appliances.

Gas Appliances and Gas Installation in Goldsboro, NC

Do you own an ancient gas stove that’s seen better days? Want to know if it’s time to upgrade or replace? We can help you determine whether your present equipment remains efficient or whether it’s time to upgrade with our gas appliance installation? Let us take a look at your stove or any of the following appliances you may have in your

  • Gas Cookers
  • Gas Stoves
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Gas Freezers
  • Gas Burners
  • Gas Heaters
  • Gas Refrigerators
  • Gas Cooktops
  • Gas Range Ovens

What makes gas appliances a great choice?

Gas appliances are popular because they last a long time, and they’re efficient. It’s not uncommon to see working gas appliances that are many decades old. If you want to know whether gas appliances can save you money, give us a call. We’ll talk about your home or business’s needs and how gas may be a benefit to you.

Propane Appliances and Propane Installation-La Grange NC

You may have some propane appliances in your RV, or you might have propane appliances as a farm owner or resident of a home that’s outside the traditional electricity grid. If it’s time to upgrade your appliances or it’s time for propane appliance installation, give us a call to see how we can help with your propane needs.

If you’re a traditional homeowner or business owner in town, you may also want to talk to us about propane appliances. They’re one of the best options you have for reducing energy costs and weaning yourself off the volatile energy market and electrical grid.

La Grange Propane and Gas: Service and Repair

When you need gas appliance repair, it’s essential that you don’t try to fix your appliances on your own. You have some simple options like resetting your circuit breaker and handling some basic cleaning of your appliance, but it’s best to let a professional handle anything that might require gas leak repair. A broken gas line is a serious issue, and trying gas line repair on your own is a recipe for disaster.

If you suspect that your gas repair may require work with the lines running into your home, open the windows of your house, evacuate the premises and call us immediately for help. Even if it’s a false alarm and it’s nothing more than routine gas appliance repair, it’s important that you don’t take the chance that it’s something more serious.

Likewise, the same wisdom applies to propane appliance repair. Even if you feel qualified to fix your propane equipment, propane is under a tremendous amount of pressure in your tank. Let the pros handle repairs and servicing!

Comprehensive Propane Services in La Grange NC

After you decide upon installation of a propane tank and appliances, your next step will include a schedule for servicing and propane delivery. Although propane tanks and appliances do last a long time, you will need occasional propane tank service to ensure proper gas flow to your appliances.

A tank is usually outside, so it’s impacted by a variety of weather and environmental issues like dust and debris. After scheduling your regular propane delivery, you’ll want to speak with us about regular maintenance of your equipment. After your initial propane tank installation, you may want to think about having your equipment serviced once a year to coincide with your propane tank refill.

If you’re just starting installation of your propane appliances and tank, you’ll want to talk to us about propane tank prices and what size your business or home needs. We’ll help make sure you don’t get a tank that’s too big or costs too much money.

Agricultural Propane Services & Maintenance

Are you looking for service and repair of the equipment on your farm? If you depend on propane for your agricultural equipment, it’s important to keep those items in good working order. Sometimes, it’s tempting to forgo maintenance because of the hardiness and longevity of propane devices and tanks, but it’s more expensive to replace degraded equipment than to maintain them regularly.

Do you need assistance choosing new propane appliances for your home? Are you interested in setting up gas appliances for your business? Do you have an extensive farming operation and need regular propane deliveries? New Hope Gas Company is your comprehensive and experienced source for all natural gas and propane gas maintenance in the La Grange region.

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