Natural gas and propane gas are efficient and cost-effective options for the appliances in your home or business, as well as for the machines and buildings of your farm. New Hope Gas Company is your Mt. Olive source for installation, servicing, and repair of everything related to natural gas and propane. We offer courteous technicians with significant experience dealing with common gas issues, as well as unusual problems that may impact your home or business.

Mt. Olive Gas Appliances & Gas Installation

If you haven’t yet used gas appliances in your home, you’ll benefit from a consultation with us on type, size, and installation. You may be thinking about a gas stove for the kitchen, or perhaps you’re considering installation of a gas heater. Gas appliances are a terrific option when you want long-lasting equipment or appliances that rarely require maintenance and cost less to operate than electrical appliances.

  • Gas Cookers
  • Gas Stoves
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Gas Freezers
  • Gas Burners
  • Gas Heaters
  • Gas Refrigerators
  • Gas Cooktops
  • Gas Range Ovens

Why should you consider natural gas appliances?

If you’re not convinced that gas appliance installation will save you money, the math will convince you. A natural gas appliance uses less energy than an appliance that’s powered by traditional electricity. Using less energy for cooking and other tasks is great for the environment, and it’s also great for your wallet.

Propane Appliances & Propane Installation

If you’ve ever traveled with a recreational vehicle (RV), you’ve probably had a few propane appliances installed like a refrigerator or a stove, but propane appliance installation is also appropriate for a variety of other circumstances. Some homeowners are starting to see the benefits of installing propane appliances in residential settings because of the superior cost savings for the installation.

Whether you’re trying to choose a new refrigerator for your RV, or you’re thinking about propane appliances for the home, talk to us about your options and which brand may work best for you.

Mt. Olive Propane and Gas: Service and Repair

Gas appliances and propane equipment are simple, efficient, and long-lasting devices. However, you may require gas appliance repair or propane appliance repair when your equipment reaches a certain age. It’s important that you leave complex gas repair to the professionals because gas is under a lot of pressure when it’s attached to your appliances or machines.

Attempting gas line repair on your own is a dangerous project. If you think your appliances are functioning correctly and you need gas leak repair, you’ll want to leave your home swiftly and call for help. A gas leak is a serious problem and requires special equipment and safety procedures.

Comprehensive Propane Services in Mt. Olive NC

A propane tank is a common sight on a farm, but they’re starting to become a common feature of residential homes and commercial businesses. Propane is a clean-burning option for your appliances, which might be one of the reasons why you’ve chosen to install a tank and some propane equipment.

As you work with us to arrange for propane delivery, you’ll also want to schedule maintenance visits to keep your tank in good working order. Sometimes, an exterior propane tank will become clogged or dirty, and making sure the lines are clear when you get propane tank refill will keep your equipment working efficiently for as long as possible before propane tank repair is necessary.

If you’re not yet set up with propane services, give us a call and we’ll give you your options for propane tank installation and the propane tank prices you might expect to see with your chosen setup.

Agricultural Propane Services & Maintenance

If you own a farming operation, there’s a good chance you work with propane for power and machinery. Whether you use propane because you’re too far from the electrical grid, or you use propane for cost savings, you can work with us to keep your equipment in good working order. Even if you’re working with old propane equipment, we can make sure it’s safe and operating correctly.

As you navigate the world of propane and gas appliances, let New Hope Gas Company be your guide. We work with any business or home, and there isn’t an appliance or gas line we can’t fix or install. Call us for details on the services we can provide your family, business or agricultural operation.

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