Are you a propane expert? Have you been using propane stoves and cooktops for years? Then you already know how efficient and clean-burning these terrific appliances are for your home or RV.

If your propane stove has developed problems or you’re looking to upgrade your propane cooktop, New Hope Gas Company is here with all the advice and service you need for your propane appliances.

Propane Stoves and Cooktops Service and Repair

One of the valuable features of propane stoves is that they’re so convenient for activities like camping and traveling. They’re also a great option in the home if a natural gas hookup isn’t available.

What’s the first step if your propane stove isn’t working?

Check the fuel level!

You’d be surprised how many owners believe their propane stove is broken, but it’s just a lack of fuel.

Because propane appliances are clean burning, they tend to last a long time. Different issues with your propane stove or cooktop might include:

  • A clogged air intake valve
  • Leaks in the pipes
  • Faulty or loose connections
  • Various obstructions

If you maintain your stove and keep it clean, you won’t have to worry about these problems very often. If you’ve kept the device clean and can’t find any obvious signs of breakage or wear, you’ll want to have a professional examine it.

Propane Stoves and Cooktop Installation

There are a few different styles of propane stoves, so if you’ve never purchased one before, you’ll need to figure out what type of activity your propane stove will be used for and what type of propane stove or cooktop will be best.

Did You Know? Using a propane stove while camping is a great way to adhere to the standards of Leave No Trace, and they’re also an important way to reduce the risk of forest fires.

Are you looking to purchase a new propane stove or propane cooktop? Has the propane stove you’ve taken on dozens of camping trips suddenly developed problems? Let New Hope Gas Company take a look. Call us for an appointment with one of our helpful propane gas experts.

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