If you’re looking to install propane appliances in your home, there’s a good chance you need to think about a propane tank, particularly if you’ve been relying on the city’s electrical grid or natural gas lines. New Hope Gas Company can help with everything required from helping you choose your appliances to measuring and installing your propane tank.

Propane Tank Service and Repair

Propane tanks are fairly easy to maintain because propane is a safe and clean-burning fuel. However, your propane tank may need servicing on occasion. If you notice your propane appliances aren’t working, and there seems to be a problem with more than one appliance, you could be looking at some blockages or issues with your propane tank.

Important! Never try to service your own propane tank, particularly if you’re working with a large tank that’s used in a residential home. Whether you require service of your residential propane tank or your RV propane tank, you’ll want to work with a professional.

You could be looking at something as simple as a cleaning of your propane tank, but it’s essential that you don’t attempt this task on your own. The fuel in a propane tank is under significant pressure, and a professional technician is your best choice for maintenance and servicing of your propane tank.

Propane Tank Installation

Installing a propane tank is a complex job that requires professional assistance. It’s essential that you work with a company that has experience installing tanks, particularly if you plan on digging a hole on your property to bury the tank. In a residential area, it makes sense to bury the propane tank, but there are many essential steps that must occur before you commence digging.

For example, buried power lines, gas lines, and tree roots may get in the way of propane tank placement. A professional crew will have a system in place to ensure proper and safe placement of a propane tank.

Are you looking to install a propane tank on your property? Do you need a propane tank for your recreational vehicle? Or, are you experiencing problems with your current tank? New Hope Gas Company offers expert technicians and installation for all your propane needs.

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